2010 Master Plan - Bedford, New Hampshire
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Master Plan Contact:
Rick Sawyer, AICP - Planning Director
Email: rsawyer@bedfordnh.org
Master Plan Process

The Master Planning Process is to be performed as described below.

Master Plan Community Events

The Bedford residents are invited to participate in the master planning process. Their input is vital to a successful master plan project.

There are a series of Milestone Events where the entire community is invited to participate and contribute directly to the data and information gathering process.

In addition to the Milestone Events, there are monthly meetings (usually) of the Master Plan Steering Committee during which the consultant will provide updates on the plan’s status. These meetings will be posted and are open to the public.

Master Plan Milestone Events

There are a series of Milestone Events where the entire community is invited to participate and contribute directly to the data and information gathering process. Check the Master Plan Calendar or the Town’s Master Calendar for date, time, and location.

Public Forum (May 9, 2009 @ 8:30 AM)

  • Kick-off meeting to bring everyone up to speed on planning process
  • Questions and answers about content and process
  • Brief snapshot of Bedford demographic and land use statistics
  • Input on future vision for Bedford
  • Break out group reports on specific subject areas
Draft Master Plan chapters to be prepared starting in June 2009

Master Plan Steering Committee meetings

  • Purpose: oversee planning process and review content of plan elements
  • Establish and oversee public process
  • Review draft implementation plan
  • Outcome: revisions for plan elements and draft implementation plan - review action steps and potential funding sources as they relate to goals & strategies for each element and recommend revisions as appropriate - provide input for determining implementation priorities
Final Master Plan to be completed in early 2010 for adoption by the Planning Board in the Spring of 2010.

Public Participation Component
In this phase citizens identify where Bedford is today; what is the current state of the Town - existing projects, finances, infrastructure, etc.; what do the current trends, economic conditions, and demographics tell us about our town and where it might be headed. A Strategic Assessment Report will be prepared that identify key issues and priorities in Bedford.

An important product of this phase is the Vision Statement that identifies the Bedford of the future. The Vision Statement is distilled from lots of input from the community gathered during interviews and the public forum where community members are invited to supply their own personal visions for the future of Bedford.

Public forums and community meetings are planned (visit this webpage for the dates and times of these meetings).

1st Public Forum
Date: Saturday, May 9, 2009
Time: 8:30 AM – 12:00 Noon

Location: Ross Lurgio Middle School Cafeteria
47 Nashua Road
Bedford, NH 03110

Adobe PDF file5/9/09 Bedford Public Forum Presentation (Adobe PDF, 2.0MB)
Adobe PDF file5/9/09 Public Forum Survey Question Results (Adobe PDF, 260KB)
Adobe PDF file5/9/09 Public Forum Meeting Notes (Adobe PDF, 115KB)

Residents were encouraged to attend to describe the Bedford they envision over the next ten years. A Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, and Threats discussion took place where residents described what they like or dislike about living and working in Bedford. Participants also broke out into smaller groups to discuss issues pertaining to specific areas of town such as the Rt. 101 corridor, the Rt. 3 performance zone areas (north and south), the Town Center, etc. Using maps of the Town, attendees discussed key planning issues affecting each of those areas.

2nd Public Forum
Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00PM

Location: BCTV Meeting Room
10 Meetinghouse Road
Bedford, NH 03110

Adobe PDF file3/25/10 Bedford Master Plan Update Public Presentation (Adobe PDF, 3.0MB)
Adobe PDF file3/25/10 Public Forum Feedback on Recommendations Results (Adobe PDF, 1.5MB)
Adobe PDF fileExecutive Summary (Adobe PDF, 300KB)

A summary of the draft plan was presented that included key findings and recommendations to consider. Participants were asked to identify what they thought were the most important recommendations for the Town to consider as the Plan is pulled together in its final form.

3rd Public Forum
Date: Monday, September 20, 2010
Time: 7:00 PM

Location: BCTV Town Meeting Room
10 Meetinghouse Road
Bedford, NH 03110

Adobe PDF file9/20/10 Master Plan Update Presentation (Adobe PDF, 6.5MB)

Public presentation of the 2010 Master Plan Update to the Planning Board and Town Council.

Phone Survey Completed
This phone survey was being conducted by the University of New Hampshire and funded through the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) Community Technical Assistance Program (CTAP).

Adobe PDF fileView Master Plan Phone Survey Report (Adobe PDF, 170KB)
Adobe PDF fileBedford Master Plan Survey Presentation (Adobe PDF, 50KB)

Participate in the Survey
The Town of Bedford wants to hear from you about the key issues facing the Town as it moves forward with the 2010 Master Plan Update. Although the phone survey is complete, you still may participate by printing and answering this survey and mailing it to the Town of Bedford Planning Department, 24 N. Amherst Road, Bedford, NH 03110.

Adobe PDF filePrint, complete, and mail this Master Plan Survey (Adobe PDF, 80KB)

Existing Conditions and Trends Analysis
VHB will work with the Master Plan Steering Committee, Town officials and other key stakeholders to conduct an initial inventory of existing conditions in Bedford. This inventory will establish a baseline to help frame the analysis of the various Master Plan elements. Work will include performing a reconnaissance of the Town and its surrounding environs, collecting data and assessing base information (building on recent planning efforts already completed), and reviewing and summarizing existing and any recently completed planning studies. As part of this task, the consultant will undertake the following:
  1. Conduct site reconnaissance fieldwork including identification of Town land and building use, protected and unprotected natural resource areas, recently approved developments (or areas proposed/being considered for development), wetlands and water resource areas, and an overall assessment of general physical conditions in the Town, including utilities and infrastructure.
  2. Assemble available base data (reports, plans, mapping, GIS databases, etc.) from Town staff and/or the Master Plan Steering Committee, and confirm that necessary data is available for study of the various plan elements.
  3. Review and evaluate existing relevant studies, such as the 1990 and 2000 Master Plans and the Rt. 101 Corridor Plan, and assess the implications of the studies and their findings for short- and long-term planning initiatives.
  4. Evaluate existing land use and development patterns in Town and assess uses to determine whether the existing inventory meets community goals. Consideration will also be given to regional development trends that may impact future Town development. A build-out study is being conducted by the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC), which will be incorporated into the plan. It is also funded through the NHDOT CTAP program.
    In this phase, the consultants dig into the details of each plan element (or topic) and develop specific plans that will lead to the vision for that particular element. Based on the data collected and analyzed, and using the community vision as a guide, a plan will be developed for each master plan topic. A concrete set of recommendations will be made to implement plan goals and objectives. There will be continued community involvement during this phase.

Draft Master Plan
During this phase, VHB, with the participation of the Master Plan Steering Committee, will prepare the elements for the Draft Master Plan for review and comment. The consultant will also be preparing Geographic Information System (GIS) maps to identify the location of important resources and land use areas of Bedford.

One important aspect of the Plan will be the Implementation Element, which will be a straightforward, step-by-step guide for the Town to implement the Master Plan through specific policies and other steps. This plan will include both short- and long-term action strategies.

The Implementation Element will include an action plan that summarizes the actions that each party (e.g., Master Plan Steering Committee, Planning Board, Town Council, Conservation Commission, etc.) will be responsible for completing within various timeframes. VHB will also develop an Action Plan Map that illustrates the key points of the implementation plan. The map will incorporate any proposed zoning changes.

Final Master Plan and Implementation Plan
This last segment of the project will see the compilation of all pertinent data, information, maps, etc. into the final documents – a plan that complies with New Hampshire law regarding the preparation of Master Plans. The Implementation Plan will be finalized. VHB will prepare draft documents for review by the Master Plan Steering Committee, stakeholders, and any other interested parties. There will be ample time to review and incorporate any relevant changes.

The Living Master Plan
Remember, the Bedford Master Plan will be a living document. It will need to be reviewed and updated at least once a year. A Committee will be charged with overseeing the Implementation Plan. As conditions change, and as various sections of the plan are implemented, we may find additional projects and/or strategies with which to achieve our goals and objectives. Please feel free to contribute to this ongoing process in any way that you feel comfortable.
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