Dighton, Mass., Master Plan

Master Plan Elements

Master Plan - Final Draft Plan - Complete Version

Adobe PDF fileFinal Draft Master Plan - Combined Chapters (Adobe PDF, 26.7 MB) NEW!

Individual Master Plan final draft chapters are accessible below.

Goals and Policies Statements

  • Vision Statement
  • Goals

Land Use and Zoning

Adobe PDF fileLand Use Chapter (Adobe PDF, 1.3 MB) NEW!

  • Introduction
  • Historic land use patterns
  • Zoning
  • Future Land Use Vision
  • Recommendations

Housing (update of Housing Production Plan)

Adobe PDF fileHousing Chapter (Adobe PDF, 0.6 MB) NEW!

  • Introduction
  • Population and Household Characteristics
  • Key Findings and Statement of Needs
  • Housing Trends and Needs Assessment
  • Recommendations

Economic Development

Adobe PDF fileEconomic Development Chapter (Adobe PDF, 18.6 MB) NEW!
Prepared by the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD)

  • Introduction
  • Dighton’s Economic Profile/Conditions
    • trends and projections, commercial and industrial assets, employment, labor, tax base
  • Recommendations

Natural, Cultural and Historic Resources

Adobe PDF fileNatural Resources Chapter (Adobe PDF, 1.7 MB) NEW!

Adobe PDF fileHistorical & Cultural Resources Chapter (Adobe PDF, 1.0 MB) NEW!

  • Introduction
  • Regional Context
  • Natural, Cultural and Historic Resources in Dighton
  • Environmental Challenges
  • Resource Protection
  • Sustainability

Open Space and Recreation (based on soon-to-be-updated Open Space and Recreation Plan)

Adobe PDF fileOpen Space & Recreation Chapter (Adobe PDF, 1.2 MB) NEW!

  • Introduction
  • Regional Context
  • Open Space and Recreation Partnerships/Stakeholders
  • Open Space and Recreation Needs
  • Recommendations

Services and Facilities

Adobe PDF fileServices & Facilities Chapter (Adobe PDF, 0.8 MB) NEW!

  • Introduction
  • Dighton’s Local Government
  • Education
  • Water Supply and Wastewater Management
  • Solid Waste and Recycling
  • Public Safety
  • Community Services
  • Stormwater
  • Recommendations

Transportation and Circulation

Adobe PDF fileTransportation Chapter (Adobe PDF, 0.9 MB) NEW!

  • Introduction
  • Regional Context
  • Transportation Network
  • Future Conditions
  • Recommendations

Implementation Plan

  • Summary of Recommended Actions
  • Matrix (Actions, Responsible Parties, Timing, Funding)

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Dighton, Mass.