Norwalk Transportation Management Plan
Plan Overview

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The project is being prepared by the City of Norwalk through their Department of Public Works working in close partnership with members of the Common Council, City Staff, and residents of the community and with other local, state and federal agencies. This 12-month study will result in the development of a Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan (TMP) for the City of Norwalk. The TMP will provide a clear and transparent guide for the investment of future funding into the City’s overall transportation system. This project is funded by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT), the City of Norwalk, and the Southwest Regional Planning Agency (SWRPA).

This project is critically important to the future quality of life and economic viability within the City of Norwalk. It will reach across all modes of transportation (bus, rail, bike, pedestrian, auto, etc.) and seek to make modal connections and improvements consistent with sound land use planning - all in an effort to increase overall mobility, modal choice, and safety for our residents, businesses, employees, and visitors while decreasing traffic congestion and its negative impacts on our environment, economy and quality of life. The study will draw upon previous studies and plans as well as consider future development and plans within the region to craft a clear set of guidelines to be used for future investment within the City.

The study will include recommendations to:

  • Increase the efficiency and safety along Norwalk arterials, roads and connectors
  • Update city construction standards and details to be in line with current 'state of the art' practices
  • Identify access management techniques that manage vehicular circulation among adjacent land uses
  • Strengthen and provide clear guidance on transportation policies and goals for the City as it relates to future growth and traffic volumes
  • Determine multi- and intermodal alternatives throughout the City of Norwalk

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