Comprehensive Review of Reading Zoning Bylaw


Zoning Article for Subsequent Town Meeting November 13, 2014

The document below will be on the warrant as Article 8 for the November 13th Subsequent Town Meeting. They include all changes incorporated by CPDC at its recent public hearings. See below for the clean version of Article 8 as well as the tracked changes version. It supersedes all drafts previously posted on this page.

Adobe PDF fileArticle 8 for Subsequent Town Meeting (Adobe PDF, 2.2 MB) NEW!
Adobe PDF fileArticle 8 with Tracked Changes (Adobe PDF, 2.3 MB) NEW!
Adobe PDF fileGuide to the Proposed Zoning Bylaw Changes (Adobe PDF, 1.2 MB) NEW!
Adobe PDF fileSupplementary Information per CPDC Public Hearing on October 23rd (Adobe PDF, 0.6 MB) NEW!

Current Reading Zoning Bylaw and Map

Adobe PDF fileZoning Bylaw (Adobe PDF, 1.4 MB)

Adobe PDF fileZoning Map (Adobe PDF, 2.0 MB)

September Special Town Meeting

Below are the results of the September 29, 2014 Special Town Meeting:

Adobe PDF fileSeptember 29, 2014 - Special Town Meeting Presentation (Adobe PDF, 2 MB)

Special Town Meeting Article 9 Amend Section 1 of the Zoning Bylaw: Failed to get the necessary 2/3 vote, so the current Section 1 of the Zoning Bylaw will remain in effect.

Section 3 - Town Counsel Reviewed. Re-reviewed by Town Engineer to update some language for the Zoning Map. There were some errors in referencing FEMA Maps from 1981 when the most recent maps are dated June 2010. For some reason the current bylaw has them dated 2012. This Article corrects those errors.

Adobe PDF file14-9 STM Article 10 (Amend ZBL section 3)_Zoning Map Changes per FEMA_CLEAN This Article was approved by Town Meeting. (Adobe PDF, 0.1 MB)

Adobe PDF file14-9 STM Articles 11 and 12 (repeals).pdf This Article was approved by Town Meeting. (Adobe PDF, 0.2 MB)

Adobe PDF file14-9 STM Article 13 (medical marijuana).pdf This Article was approved by Town Meeting as amended. (Adobe PDF, 0.2 MB)