Comprehensive Review of Reading Zoning Bylaw

Schedule & Process


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The Town initiated the project by undertaking a review of the zoning bylaw with the goal of making the bylaw more "user friendly". This includes a review of the definitions and reorganization of some sections of the bylaw.

The consultant team will address Phase 2 issues including:

  • Improving the permitting processes
  • Incorporating recommendations from recent Town planning efforts into the zoning bylaw
  • Adding new sections such as landscaping, adequate facilities and impact mitigation
  • Improving pedestrian and bicycle access
  • Adding provisions for the Village Center and Transit-oriented Development
  • Adding low impact development standards to better handle stormwater
  • Adding graphics to help explain various terms and concepts
  • Updating the parking standards
  • Reviewing the current zoning districts and updating them as needed

The consultant team will conduct a number of stakeholder interviews with users of the bylaw such as Town officials, attorneys, developers, and civic organizations. A zoning diagnostic will be prepared that will outline the specific changes that should be considered by the Zoning Advisory Committee as the process moves forward.

A number of work sessions will be held so that the Zoning Advisory Committee can study the proposed changes and the draft language changes and a series of public workshops will be held to provide opportunities for public input in the process.

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