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Low Impact Development (LID)

View webpageEPA Water Quality Scorecard

View webpageSustainable Neighborhood Road Design: A guidebook for Massachusetts cities and towns, 2010

View webpageEPA New England Low Impact Development Webpage

Adobe PDF fileTechnical Support Document – Assessing Street and Parking Design Standards to Reduce Excess Impervious Cover in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, April 2011 (Adobe PDF, 0.4MB)

Adobe PDF fileTechnical Support Document – Stormwater Retrofit Techniques for Restoring Urban Drainages in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, April 2011 (Adobe PDF, 0.8MB)

View webpageMAPC Low Impact Development Toolkit

Green Streets/Green Highways

Adobe PDF fileGreen Infrastructure Case Studies: Municipal Policies for Managing Stormwater with Green Infrastructure (Adobe PDF, 8.2MB)

View webpageStormwater Management Manual - Portland Oregon

Stormwater Ordinances/Bylaws

View webpageBetter Site Design: A handbook for changing development rules in your community

View webpageMAPC Stormwater Bylaws Toolkit

Adobe PDF fileParking Spaces/Community Places: Finding the balance with smart growth solutions (Adobe PDF, 3.4MB)

Adobe PDF file2011 Rhode Island LID Site Planning and Design Guidance Document (Adobe PDF, 14.8MB)

Adobe PDF fileCodes and Ordinance Worksheet from the Center for Watershed Protection ( (Adobe PDF, 0.3MB)

Stormwater BMP Maintenance

Massachusetts Stormwater Regulations

Adobe PDF fileAssociation of Massachusetts Wetland Scientists Newsletter January 2008: Changes to the Massachusetts Stormwater Standards (Adobe PDF, 0.4MB)

Adobe PDF fileMassachusetts DEP Stormwater Management Regulation 2008 Changes. Bethany Eisenberg. (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

View webpageMassachusetts North Coastal

View webpageMassachusetts Intercoastal, Merrimac, and South Coastal

View webpageMassachusetts Stormwater Management Standards Manual

Pollutant Loading

View webpageChesapeake Stormwater Network. 2009. CSN Technical Bulletin No. 4: Technical Support for the Bay-wide Runoff Reduction Method Version 2.0.

Adobe PDF fileEPA, 2010. Stormwater BMP Performance Analysis (Adobe PDF, 3.0MB)

Adobe PDF fileSutherland. 2000. Methods for Estimating Effective Impervious Cover. Article 32 in The Practice of Watershed Protection, Center for Watershed Protection, Ellicott City, MD. (Adobe PDF, 0.5MB)

Adobe PDF fileTechnical Support Document – Regulating the use of Stormwater Infiltration Practices to Protect Public Drinking Water Supplies in Massachusetts, April 2011

View webpageMassDEP UIC Program website

Adobe PDF fileTechnical Support Document – Estimating Change in Impervious Area (IA) and Directly Connected Impervious Areas (DCIA) for Massachusetts Small MS4 Permit, April 2011 (Adobe PDF, 0.6MB)

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE)

View webpageCenter for Watershed Protection and Robert Pitt, 2004. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination: A Guidance Manual for Program Development and Technical Assessments

View webpageNew England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, 2003. Illicit Discharge Detection And Elimination Manual: A Handbook for Municipalities

Adobe PDF fileJewell, C. 2001. A Systematic Methodology for Identification and Remediation of Illegal Connections. Presented at the Water Environment Federation Specialty Conference 2001 A Collection Systems Odyssey: Combining Wet Weather and O&M Solutions. (Adobe PDF, 0.3MB)

Adobe PDF fileTechnical Support Document – Proposed Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) Program Requirements for Communities in Massachusetts, April 2011

Adobe PDF fileEPA Stormwater Phase II Final Rule - Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Minimum Control Measure Fact Sheet (Adobe PDF, 0.2MB)

Stormwater Funding

Adobe PDF fileEPA Fact Sheet: Funding Stormwater Programs (Adobe PDF, 3.0MB)

View webpageCharles River Watershed Association: Assessment of Stormwater Financing Mechanisms in New England

Adobe PDF fileNew England Environmental Finance Center: Stormwater Utility Fees: Considerations and Options: 2005 (Adobe PDF, 0.4MB)

View webpageU.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Watershed Academy. Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection


View webpageStormwater Webcasts on Outreach

View webpageNonpoint Source Outreach Digital Toolbox

View webpageGetting In Step: A Guide for Conducting Watershed Outreach Campaigns

View webpageGetting in Step: A Guide for Conducting Watershed Outreach Campaigns – Webbased training module based on the guide

Adobe PDF fileGetting in Step: Engaging and Involving Stakeholders in Your Watershed (Adobe PDF, 1.2MB)

View webpageStormwater Outreach Materials and Reference Documents

View webpageStormwater Case Studies on Public Education

View webpageMass DEP Nonpoint Source Education Website

View webpageEPA Stormwater Outreach Materials and Reference Documents

Choosing the Right Stormwater Treatment Practice

Adobe PDF fileRhode Island Stormwater Design and Installation Standards Manual (Adobe PDF, 10.9MB)

View webpageState of Minnesota Stormwater Manual

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