The Great Road Master Plan - Town of Bedford, MA

A Master Plan and conceptual design are being prepared for the section of The Great Road and North Road between Veterans Memorial Park and the intersection with Carlisle Road.

The primary purpose of this Master Plan is to improve pedestrian and bicycle access, recommend streetscape improvements that will highlight the “Center” of Bedford while taking into consideration traffic flow through the area, crosswalk locations, intersection and traffic control improvements, property access and parking.

Included in this design development will be a comprehensive review of the land use, pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular circulation and amenities within project limits. The design development will include an evaluation of a potential of a future traffic signal on The Great Road at the Bedford Fire Station and Fletcher Road, the potential of a future traffic signal at The Great Road at Mudge Way and an alternatives analysis for traffic, pedestrian and bicycle circulation at Wilson Park (the intersection of The Great Road/North Road/Concord Road).

In preparing this Master Plan, the Town of Bedford will be assisted by Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) and the Walkable Community coordinator from the Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS).

Study Area

The project limits are The Great Road and North Road, from Veterans Memorial Park to the intersection with Carlisle Road, for a total length of 3,500 linear feet. Intersections include:

  • North Road at Carlisle Road
  • The Great Road at North Road/Concord Road (3 locations)
  • The Great Road at Mudge Way
  • The Great Road midblock pedestrian crossing at First Church of Christ
  • The Great Road at Elm Street/Fletcher Road
  • The Great Road at Spring Road/South Road
  • The Great Road at Hillside Avenue/Bacon Road

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