The University of Georgia is conducting a parking and transportation assessment that will reimagine transportation to, from, and within the campus for all users and access modes. The purpose of this study will be to develop a plan identifying specific strategies to improve overall access and mobility to, from, and within the campus. The study is anticipated to take 11 months to complete, and the final report and recommendations will be submitted in June 2017.

The study will be composed of three main phases. These are described below:

 Phase A - Best Practices

This phase will review existing practices and technologies at UGA and how they compare to peer institutions and industry best practices. It will also define strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the current parking system.

 Phase B - Analysis of Supply and Demand

The second phase of the work will analyze campus parking supply and demand. It will identify existing conditions, forecast future conditions, and identify recommended steps for addressing parking needs within the planning horizon. It will also include a review of the current priority system for permit sales and how that might be adjusted to reflect different amounts and distribution of campus parking spaces.

 Phase C - Financial Analysis and Implementation Plan

This phase will evaluate the financial impacts of the plan. It is anticipated that initial analysis would begin prior to the end of Phase B such that financial implications of the plan would be fully incorporated into any final recommendations for future parking supply.

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   We want to hear from you...

An important component of this project is feedback from the UGA campus community. The success of the project is largely dependent on hearing the experiences and opinions of the people that use the parking facilities on a regular basis. We will be conducting stakeholder interviews during each phase of the project. Check back in on this site for updates.