Worcester Regional Mobility Study
Final Report

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Overarching Study Goal

Improve the movement of people and goods through the urban core of Central Massachusetts

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Study Overview

The Worcester Regional Mobility Study was a partnership between the Central Massachusetts Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMMPO) and the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC). It was a comprehensive state-sponsored study of the transportation network within the greater Worcester area. This study included the city of Worcester and surrounding towns. The project’s main focus was to improve overall transportation mobility for residents, businesses and visitors and enhance economic opportunities along transportation corridors while maintaining safety and minimizing impacts to neighborhoods and communities.

The study consisted of an examination and analysis of existing mobility conditions and recommends short-term and long-term mobility improvements. An assessment of major infrastructure improvements that were recommended for further study in the CMMPO’s 2007 Regional Transportation Plan was prepared. The study included the development of a process for ongoing coordination of operations and management of the multimodal system, including continuous review and implementation of improvement strategies. The recommendations incorporated sustainable growth principles, economic growth opportunities, evolving land uses, preservation needs, and multi-modal expansion and connectivity to enhance safe and efficient access for the movement of people and goods from the present through the year 2030.

A Public Outreach Program was an important component of the study. The study was guided by a Technical Committee and an Advisory Group comprised of local municipal representatives, state and federal agency representatives, and local groups and individuals representing business, the environment, traditionally underserved populations, freight and rail interests.

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